Train Hard or Go Home

My name is Taelor. I do my best to live a fit & healthy lifestyle, and to inspire others to do so also! And I wanna get my personal training certification once I turn 18! Any questions? Just ask! I'm happy to help!

Age - 15
Height - 4'11
SW - 104 lbs.
CW- 104 lbs.
GW: 100 lbs.
UGW - 96 lbs.
BMI - 21
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WOD: Plyometic Cardio Circuit

Notes - I was in good spirits today while doing this workout, and I did it well. I just need to push harder and stop taking so many breaks.

WOD: Cardio Power & Resistance

Notes - You know those days when you’re just so unmotivated, but you make yourself workout anyway? And then once you start, you get really into it? Today was the opposite. haha. But I did manage to complete the whole video.

Day 21

WOD: Rest.


Day 22

WOD: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Notes - Since my core is what I need to work on most, I really appreciate the Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs workouts and put a lot of effort into them. I was feeling slightly lethargic earlier, but after working out, i don’t feel that way anymore.